Monday, January 8, 2007

Those who can't do... Amend

Good ol' Vern has jumped on the 'Amend the Constitution' band-wagon. Sure, as citizens... we all want a balanced budget. It is the ironic timing which amuses me. Vern has co-sponsored H.J. #1 of the 110th Congress which is a Resolution to create a Constitutional Amendment to Constitutionally mandate a balanced budget.

The irony is in the timing. After six years of rubber-stamping a free-flowing of funds in our largest government EVER... (What is a few billion $$$ here and there amongst friends anyway?) However, now Vern wants to give the false impression that he has suddenly become fiscally conservative.

This amendment wouldn't take affect until 2012 if ratified. Vern and many other Representatives will be out of office in 2012. After showing the inability of the Republican controlled Congress over the past six years to control run-away spending... all the while creating record deficits, they have decided to pass the buck to the next guys!

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djtyg said...

Ehlers voted against the 9/11 recommendations. Thought you should know.:)