Sunday, August 12, 2007

GR Press: Anti-war campaign in town to work on Ehlers

Here's The Grand Rapids Press with more:

They have been in town several weeks now, organizing meetings, attending demonstrations, handing out lawn signs, andwriting letters, all aimed at changing one man's mind.

"The only person around here who can do anything about this is Vern Ehlers," said Bryan Finken, 46, a part-time philosophy professor from Denver, about the war in Iraq.


Their effort is part of a national campaign by a coalition of anti-war groups called Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. The effort is targeting 40 Republican members of Congress they believe may be wavering in their support for the war.

Those 40, if they change their minds, would give the war's opponents a veto-proof majority in Congress, organizers said. They call their campaign Iraq Summer, modeled after the 1964 Freedom Summer, which registered black voters in the South, and the summer of 1967 protests against the Vietnam War.

America is speaking - is Vern Ehlers listening?


erwinhaas said...

Somewhere in the Federalist, Probably Jas Madison comments that we don't have a democracy, but rather a republic. People do not change the laws, but rather they change the legislators. Like changing your underwear.

michigan3 said...

Vern Runs Away

Vern is tragically wrong about the Press in Iraq

Vern won’t stop the war and whines about public perception of that fact

Vern says the war happened because democracy works


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